Grand Spectra

Richard Anuszkiewicz

Grand Spectra


Richard Anuszkiewicz is often referred to as the father of Op Art, an accolade he rejects. Nonetheless, his works do share certain characteristics with Op Art; they stimulate visual perception through rhyming geometric shapes, interactive complementary colors, and mathematical structuring principles. Grand Spectra’s composition is based on repeated squares. Each square unit contains numerous outlines of squares in decreasing size and also forms part of the larger square; in turn, this larger square constitutes only one of four square panels that make up the entire painting. Brilliant reds framed by blue and green mark each corner, attracting attention to the perimeter of the work. At the same time, vision is directed toward a central point at which the numerous shades of yellow become uniform.


Work Date:
North Concourse
4 panels, 60 x 60" each, 10' x 10' overall
Acrylic on canvas